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Emergency Policy

For orthodontic emergencies, telephone reception on 0161 926 0629.

Types of orthodontic emergencies:

  1. If a wire has come out of a bracket on your braces and a sharp piece is cutting into the gum or soft tissues of the mouth. Please call at 8.45am.
  2. If you have experienced a knock to the mouth (trauma) within our opening hours, call anytime. If outside of our opening hours, please contact NHS helpline on 111 or visit your local Accident and Emergency Department.

Where possible, we will book an emergency appointment on the same day in one of our lunchtime emergency slots. If not possible, we will give advice over the telephone on how to alleviate symptoms until a suitable appointment can be arranged.

If a bracket has dislodged from a tooth, this is not an emergency. If you have an appointment within 2 weeks of the bracket becoming dislodged, we will ask you to wait until that appointment to have the bracket bonded back on to the tooth. If you don’t have an appointment arranged within 2 weeks, please call reception for advice and we will endeavor to arrange a suitable appointment as soon as we can.

Emergency appointments

We have emergency appointments available each working day. Please phone 0161 926 0629 to arrange an appointment.

If you have an orthodontic emergency requiring attention outside of our normal working hours, please either ring the NHS Helpline on telephone number 111, or visit your local Accident and Emergency Department.