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Emergency treatment

If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please call 0161 926 0629.

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Types of orthodontic


  • Loose wires - If the archwire of your braces has broken or come loose, it can cut into your gums or cheeks. Please call us at 8:45am so we can arrange to fix your wire.
  • Oral trauma - If you have experienced trauma to your mouth within our opening hours, call us anytime. For anything outside of our opening hours, please contact the NHS helpline on 111 or visit your local Accident and Emergency Department.

If a bracket has dislodged from a tooth, this is not an emergency. If you have an appointment within 2 weeks, we can fix your bracket then. If you don’t have an appointment arranged with us, please call us so we can schedule you in.

Emergency treatment



We have emergency appointments available each working day. Please arrange an appointment with us at 0161 926 0629.

Where possible, we will book you in the same day in one of our lunchtime emergency slots. If that is not possible, we will advise you on the phone to get you through to our appointment with you.

If you have an orthodontic emergency outside of normal working hours, please call the NHS Helpline on telephone number 111, or visit your local Accident and Emergency Department.

Emergency treatment

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