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NHS orthodontics treatment

At Turret Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontics can treat patients under the NHS. To qualify for NHS treatment, patients must be 18-years-old or younger and have dental problems that need to be treated for health reasons.

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Does my child

qualify for NHS treatment?

To help determine if your child is eligible for NHS funded treatment or not, our Specialist Orthodontists will assess their orthodontic requirements against the Index of Orthodontic Need (IOTN).

NHS treatment

If they have any of the following orthodontic problems, they may be eligible for treatment under the NHS:

  • Increased prominence of teeth that exceeds 6mm
  • A major crowding of teeth
  • Abnormal bites resulting in trauma
  • Functional problems caused by abnormal bites
  • Teeth that are missing or impacted

NHS funding is limited and there are currently long waiting lists to receive treatment.

NHS treatment


What happens if we don’t qualify for NHS treatment?

If you don’t meet the criteria for NHS treatment, don’t worry. At Turret Orthodontics, we have private treatment available flexible, interest-free payment plans and finance plans to make treatment more affordable.

NHS treatment

Find out if

your child is eligible

In order to be seen for an NHS consultation, to assess eligibility for NHS treatment a referral is required from your General Dentist.

Private treatment

NHS treatment

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