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SPARK clear aligners

At Turret Orthodontics, we are proud to offer SPARK aligners: an advanced, almost invisible aligner series that can transform your smile.

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How do they work?

SPARK clear aligners are bespoke designed to fit your teeth and work away to gently guide your teeth into their optimum position. They are custom-made for each individual out of a high quality, thin plastic meaning they are more comfortable than traditional braces but just as effective.

Every two weeks, you change up to a new aligner from your series which has been designed especially for your teeth. This allows your treatment to proceed without the need for regular clinic appointments. Pair this treatment with our state of the art Dental Monitoring app for a taste of remote orthodontics. This app allows you and the specialist team at Turret Orthodontics to monitor your progress together, using a simple selfie.

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What are the benefits of choosing SPARK aligners?

SPARK aligners offer our patients a host of brilliant benefits:

  • They’re almost invisible: If you’re looking for a discreet treatment option, SPARK aligners are essentially the most clear aligner available on the market, making them the perfect choice.
  • They’re removable: These aligners are completely removable, allowing you to eat, brush your teeth and floss as usual, minimising any change of routine or lifestyle.
  • They’re comfortable: SPARK aligners are completely custom-designed. They are hand-trimmed and smoothed around each tooth to offer you comfort during treatment.
  • They’re affordable: SPARK aligners can be a brilliant option for different budgets , especially when paired with our range of finance options.
  • They’re well made and stain resistant: SPARK aligners are BPA, mercury, latex and phthalate free, plus they have increased stain resistance when compared to other aligners on the market.

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Achieve your dream smile with SPARK aligners

Why not book a free consultation today to discuss SPARK aligners with the experts at Turret Orthodontics. We can guide you through all available treatment and finance options and to find the best solution for you and your future perfect smile.

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